Wishes from Pope Francis

The Fau­sti­num Asso­cia­tion has rece­ived a let­ter from Vati­can in which Pope Fran­cis thanks us for the Easter wishes. In this Pas­chal time, he also cor­dial­ly imparts his Apo­sto­lic Bles­sing

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Feast of Mercy 2017

Divi­ne Mer­cy reaches human beings thro­ugh the heart of Christ cru­ci­fied: “My dau­gh­ter, say that I am love and mer­cy per­so­ni­fied”, Jesus will ask Sr. Fau­sti­na (Dia­ry, 374). Christ pours

Misericordia” Publishing House

In the begin­ning of March the “Mise­ri­cor­dia” Publi­shing House has ope­ned the onli­ne shop. We invi­te you to visit the websi­te and see the new offer. See: “Mise­ri­cor­dia” Publi­shing House a Rela­ted posts:

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I began Holy Lent in the way that Jesus wan­ted me to, making myself total­ly depen­dent upon His holy will and accep­ting with love eve­ry­thing that He sends me. I